Week 8: To the Movies

What an experience!!!!!  I sat in my chair, watching in amazement as the battleship unwound, just like watching a movie rewinding.  The crew left, all the fixtures and fittings, the interior disappeared.  The skin peeled away prior to melting and returning to its raw material, returning to the trucks for the return journey to the mine.  I was in the naval architect’s office, along with the head of the navy, sketches lay around the coffee cups.  The floor of Parliament, presenting the case for purchasing another battleship and even earlier in the process.

This is a new experience for me and filled me with joy to have actually lost myself in the process to such extent.  It happened from about the 3rd sit.  One time the the cabinet maker was visited.  Watching the crew becoming younger, teenagers playing sport, little children sailing their boats on the pond in the local park.

The sit each day has allowed this to happen.  My ability to focus has improved dramatically to allow this to happen.  Focus hasn’t been a strong point with me in the past years, recovering from illness.  I knew my brain power had improved but this was an extra bonus.  I am truly delighted.


Week 7: Opinions & Negative Thoughts Be Gone

How is it that it is so natural to have opinions and to judge, ourselves and others.  The amount of times I have caught myself mid-thought, is astounding.  Sadly oftentimes too late.

I managed 1 day, then half a day then 2 days without falling of the Wagon of the 7 Day Mental Diet.  I also hit overwhelm, some more cement falling away, a very painful process.  Does fatigue play a part in this I wonder.  I have worked 3 days in a row, the last 2, nine hour shifts without a break and incredibly busy.  Walking out of the air conditioning felt like walking into a bath of very warm water.  It has been so hot.

Today, thankfully a day off, I had to struggle with myself to get my attitude under control.  It really was quite a battle.  Suddenly it turned around and I felt much better.

I promise to exercise every day!!!!!  I always keep my promises.  The thought crossed my mind to skip it but “I always keep my promises” rang in my ears.  I set off and luckily there was a breeze, so not too bad.  It was still 30 degrees centigrade when I got back from my walk after 7 this evening.  That’s when I really felt it.  I had to laugh, I must be getting old or soft!!!  I remember when we were at Longreach still, I had the carpet cleaned in the lounge and while the furniture was out, decided it would be a good time to wash the walls and ceiling.  24 feet by 14 feet with 12 ft ceilings.  I was up on the step-ladder with a towel over my shoulder to mop me up, as it was 52 degrees, centigrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Was I nuts?!!!!!!  It seemed like a good idea at the time!  One of our hottest days and we only had 32 volt power, which we generated, and our old fan had given up the ghost.  No wonder we were so excited to get on the grid with real power!!

It is a very interesting process, this keeping the mind under control.  I know that it is a process and that it does take time and discipline.  I remember, other times when I have tried to have a week of no negative thoughts, I didn’t last for as long as this.  I thought that I had managed one day very well, but when I did a review of the day, I realized that I had stuffed it up with judgement, held for more than 7 seconds.  Tomorrow is another day.

One thing I have noticed is, there are times now when other people make judgements, instead of agreeing with them, where once I would have been of the same opinion, I now think,  “What and interesting point of view”, noticing that there is no judgment in me in quite a lot of cases.  That is progress!!!!  What will week 8 bring, I wonder.

Week 6: The Gal in the Glass

I am really enjoying this exercise.  It is so nice to end the day happy with the Gal in the Glass.  I have been more effective and have better results.  I can remember many nights in the past when I couldn’t have faced her, after a day where I had made excuses for not doing what needed to be done, just muddling by and wasting time.

I seem to be more relaxed with everything I do.  I am more professional in the way I run my business and my manner in speaking with people, whether over the phone or in person, has transformed.  More of the people I am speaking with are really looking for what we have to offer.  I have always been a friendly person, but seem to be relating on a deeper level now.

Life is also so much fun!  Information I am looking for just seems to come my way without looking.  At a training yesterday, I sat next to a lovely young lady who gave me a book, complete with DVD, whose author I had seen interviewed on TV some time ago, and found very interesting.  When she gave it to me, I was delighted to see it was the same book.  She wouldn’t let me pay her for it, saying it was a gift.

I felt so sad to leave Scroll I but find Scroll II amazing too.  Bringing more love to everything I do is certainly paying dividends.

Finding that it is possible for me to focus intently on the photos and remember so minutely, everything I see, is so reassuring.  I had been very ill some years ago and the first thing that went was my brain.  My ability to focus disappeared and to retain information was not much better.  I knew things had improved but this was spectacular and I am so very grateful.  It is astounding to be able to recall every detail perfectly days later.  It truly is “changing conditions and multiplying results”.

Everything is changing on so many levels and I am excited to see what comes next.  Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 5: Do It Now!!! Do It Now!!!

DO IT NOW!!!!  DO IT NOW!!! DO IT NOW!!   My subconscious screams at me.

My paper towel falls off again when I try to pull some off.  The screw is loose.  I will fix it tomorrow.  Do It Now!!!! I start saying aloud.  I give in and find a screwdriver.  It is fixed and it saves so much time, not having to put it back on again and again for months.

This has been happening in the last couple of days.  My subbie is cracking the whip on me, every time I want to procrastinate and do it later, as was my frequent habit. I am forming new habits and becoming their slave.  The value of what we are doing sinks deeper.  We can do this.

The picture reminds me of my daughter learning to crack a whip.  I’d show her again and again.  Her younger sister picked it up straight away.  Did Emma give up, oh no!  She would be out there for hours practicing, smacking herself around the legs and head with bad attempts.  One day I looked out and here she was cracking two whips, one in each hand.  Success at last.

This is just what we are doing.  Practicing, practicing to create a new blueprint.  One day it will all become automatic to act in this way every time.  “Eventually I find myself reacting to all situations which confront me as I was commanded in the scrolls to react.”

I am excited to see what the next 5 months will bring.


Week 4: Roller Coaster Ride


What a week it has been!  I had an enormous crisis of confidence and my belief in myself earlier in the week.  I felt as if I was struggling with everything in my life, everything from my business, to just keeping up with the MKMMA homework.  My subby was slapping me around to see if I was really serious about my growth.  A real pendulum swing and very destabilizing.  Some things we just have to ride out!!!  I even had a moment of wanting to quit, except that I would have never forgiven myself, and it was just a fleeting moment, at a very low point, which I found horrifying.

It has come full circle.  Today was a magnificent day.  We had a Home and Leisure Show here and I decided on the spur of the moment, to attend.  I made some extraordinary connections and caught up with other like minded people and made some incredible business contacts.

I have been listening to Wayne Dyer’s “How to be a No Limit Person” in my car.  He was talking about the “I”, the part of us that never dies.  It was linking so beautifully to The Master Key System, The Greatest Salesman and Think and Grow Rich.  The connections go far beyond the material we are studying, I am finding them cropping up everywhere.

It is now onward and upward.  Things always turn out for the best.  Why, even tonight I had to present on a training webinar for our team and as I was setting up, my Adobe crashed but, thankfully, I had time to recover everything before it started and it all went without a hitch.

I am so looking forward to what next week may bring.


Week 3: Settling into the Rhythmn


I seem to be settling into the rhythm with the programme.  It seems natural to do what is required 3 times a day, even if it mean getting into bed at 1:30am.  I have been running down to Brisbane every second day, 5 times.  It is lucky it is just under 2 hours away but I feel fantastic on only 4 hours sleep a couple of nights.

My DMP and big goal has me very energized in my business.  There is a lot happening at the moment, a lot of excitement.  I feel as if the timing of MKMMA with our conference has really elevated my expectations of what is possible for me and my organization, and my expectations of myself.

“As the words of the scrolls are consumed by my mysterious mind I begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before.  My vigour increases, my enthusiasm rises…”

I am beginning to see this in my life.  Fantastic!!!!!!

Week 2: I did it and I survived!!!!!!!!!!


I was so concerned about how I would manage during Week 1, being away most of the week, on conference. Dinners each night, business occasions or pleasure, great fun but way out of routine, not that routine is my strong point.

First night, sitting up in my niece’s lovely apartment, finishing off with the sit – CRACK!!!!!!!!! Ow! My head slammed back against the wall as I dozed off. CRACK!!!!!!!!! Double Ow!! (Note to self – make sure the head is supported during sit, so as not to cause injury) Surely putting my head back to a normal angle wouldn’t be called a movement and starting all over. It probably would, but too exhausted to start over, to repeat the whole thing again.

Week 1, I hardly slept, the old blueprint making its presence felt, with my old galloping insomnia pattern or maybe so excited about MKMMA and Conference, being invited to the special dinner for the first time after achieving a very exciting promotion since the last conference and public acknowledgement that I am, at last, on the path to living my dreams! Heady stuff!!!

It is amazing how natural the process is becoming, how enjoyable and how logical it all seems. Still needs discipline but, why, oh why didn’t I know this 40 odd years ago.

All the years I have tried to beat my conscious mind into submission with new plans and habits, failing miserably, accompanied by the crazy monkey in my head. How much more elegant and effective to work on the “mysterious source that never sleeps”. How blessed are we to have this amazing opportunity.

The most effective way to change the world is to change your own world, the world within. We are certainly on a mission with so many like minds doing just that. Thank you.




Week 1 A Newborn Foal

I feel like a newborn foal trying to find its feet as I embark on this exciting journey.

Newborn foal

Looking back to the days when I first discovered goal setting, wanting to write goals but not, for fear of not doing it “right”.  (Sorry Davene)  How things have changed, but it is as if I have just peeked through the window of what my life could be, not even peered through a crack in the door and I am overcome with excitement.

The biggest challenge has been working out how to keep up with 3 X daily activities whilst at our company’s conference, leaving home just 2 days after the start of MKMMA.

Just writing this is huge for me.  I was always the kid at school who would jump through hoops to avoid any writing homework, or leave it til the very last minute.

I would love to be able to sleep again!!!  I think it is my subbie trying to slap me around!  Have hardly slept since the night before we started!!!!!!  Another trick was restless legs the first time I did my sitting, and an ant took a liking to my leg!  I exhibited great self control.

The theme running through my mind for the last few months has been Habits Make or Break Us.  I have tried to replace my old non-supportive habits with more appropriate ones and things go OK for a week or so, and then back I slide, almost without being conscious that it has happened, the subbie again, making by act in ways I don’t choose to.  I did read the Greatest Salesman years ago and followed the plan, for a week or so and then drifted back into same old, same old.  It fills me with such joy to know that this time I will absolutely overcome those old habits and become a slave to new ones, of my own choosing.

I am so overjoyed to be on this journey with you all and can’t wait to get to know you all better.  My undying gratitude for the opportunity.