I was so concerned about how I would manage during Week 1, being away most of the week, on conference. Dinners each night, business occasions or pleasure, great fun but way out of routine, not that routine is my strong point.

First night, sitting up in my niece’s lovely apartment, finishing off with the sit – CRACK!!!!!!!!! Ow! My head slammed back against the wall as I dozed off. CRACK!!!!!!!!! Double Ow!! (Note to self – make sure the head is supported during sit, so as not to cause injury) Surely putting my head back to a normal angle wouldn’t be called a movement and starting all over. It probably would, but too exhausted to start over, to repeat the whole thing again.

Week 1, I hardly slept, the old blueprint making its presence felt, with my old galloping insomnia pattern or maybe so excited about MKMMA and Conference, being invited to the special dinner for the first time after achieving a very exciting promotion since the last conference and public acknowledgement that I am, at last, on the path to living my dreams! Heady stuff!!!

It is amazing how natural the process is becoming, how enjoyable and how logical it all seems. Still needs discipline but, why, oh why didn’t I know this 40 odd years ago.

All the years I have tried to beat my conscious mind into submission with new plans and habits, failing miserably, accompanied by the crazy monkey in my head. How much more elegant and effective to work on the “mysterious source that never sleeps”. How blessed are we to have this amazing opportunity.

The most effective way to change the world is to change your own world, the world within. We are certainly on a mission with so many like minds doing just that. Thank you.