I seem to be settling into the rhythm with the programme.  It seems natural to do what is required 3 times a day, even if it mean getting into bed at 1:30am.  I have been running down to Brisbane every second day, 5 times.  It is lucky it is just under 2 hours away but I feel fantastic on only 4 hours sleep a couple of nights.

My DMP and big goal has me very energized in my business.  There is a lot happening at the moment, a lot of excitement.  I feel as if the timing of MKMMA with our conference has really elevated my expectations of what is possible for me and my organization, and my expectations of myself.

“As the words of the scrolls are consumed by my mysterious mind I begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before.  My vigour increases, my enthusiasm rises…”

I am beginning to see this in my life.  Fantastic!!!!!!