What a week it has been!  I had an enormous crisis of confidence and my belief in myself earlier in the week.  I felt as if I was struggling with everything in my life, everything from my business, to just keeping up with the MKMMA homework.  My subby was slapping me around to see if I was really serious about my growth.  A real pendulum swing and very destabilizing.  Some things we just have to ride out!!!  I even had a moment of wanting to quit, except that I would have never forgiven myself, and it was just a fleeting moment, at a very low point, which I found horrifying.

It has come full circle.  Today was a magnificent day.  We had a Home and Leisure Show here and I decided on the spur of the moment, to attend.  I made some extraordinary connections and caught up with other like minded people and made some incredible business contacts.

I have been listening to Wayne Dyer’s “How to be a No Limit Person” in my car.  He was talking about the “I”, the part of us that never dies.  It was linking so beautifully to The Master Key System, The Greatest Salesman and Think and Grow Rich.  The connections go far beyond the material we are studying, I am finding them cropping up everywhere.

It is now onward and upward.  Things always turn out for the best.  Why, even tonight I had to present on a training webinar for our team and as I was setting up, my Adobe crashed but, thankfully, I had time to recover everything before it started and it all went without a hitch.

I am so looking forward to what next week may bring.