I am really enjoying this exercise.  It is so nice to end the day happy with the Gal in the Glass.  I have been more effective and have better results.  I can remember many nights in the past when I couldn’t have faced her, after a day where I had made excuses for not doing what needed to be done, just muddling by and wasting time.

I seem to be more relaxed with everything I do.  I am more professional in the way I run my business and my manner in speaking with people, whether over the phone or in person, has transformed.  More of the people I am speaking with are really looking for what we have to offer.  I have always been a friendly person, but seem to be relating on a deeper level now.

Life is also so much fun!  Information I am looking for just seems to come my way without looking.  At a training yesterday, I sat next to a lovely young lady who gave me a book, complete with DVD, whose author I had seen interviewed on TV some time ago, and found very interesting.  When she gave it to me, I was delighted to see it was the same book.  She wouldn’t let me pay her for it, saying it was a gift.

I felt so sad to leave Scroll I but find Scroll II amazing too.  Bringing more love to everything I do is certainly paying dividends.

Finding that it is possible for me to focus intently on the photos and remember so minutely, everything I see, is so reassuring.  I had been very ill some years ago and the first thing that went was my brain.  My ability to focus disappeared and to retain information was not much better.  I knew things had improved but this was spectacular and I am so very grateful.  It is astounding to be able to recall every detail perfectly days later.  It truly is “changing conditions and multiplying results”.

Everything is changing on so many levels and I am excited to see what comes next.  Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!