How is it that it is so natural to have opinions and to judge, ourselves and others.  The amount of times I have caught myself mid-thought, is astounding.  Sadly oftentimes too late.

I managed 1 day, then half a day then 2 days without falling of the Wagon of the 7 Day Mental Diet.  I also hit overwhelm, some more cement falling away, a very painful process.  Does fatigue play a part in this I wonder.  I have worked 3 days in a row, the last 2, nine hour shifts without a break and incredibly busy.  Walking out of the air conditioning felt like walking into a bath of very warm water.  It has been so hot.

Today, thankfully a day off, I had to struggle with myself to get my attitude under control.  It really was quite a battle.  Suddenly it turned around and I felt much better.

I promise to exercise every day!!!!!  I always keep my promises.  The thought crossed my mind to skip it but “I always keep my promises” rang in my ears.  I set off and luckily there was a breeze, so not too bad.  It was still 30 degrees centigrade when I got back from my walk after 7 this evening.  That’s when I really felt it.  I had to laugh, I must be getting old or soft!!!  I remember when we were at Longreach still, I had the carpet cleaned in the lounge and while the furniture was out, decided it would be a good time to wash the walls and ceiling.  24 feet by 14 feet with 12 ft ceilings.  I was up on the step-ladder with a towel over my shoulder to mop me up, as it was 52 degrees, centigrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Was I nuts?!!!!!!  It seemed like a good idea at the time!  One of our hottest days and we only had 32 volt power, which we generated, and our old fan had given up the ghost.  No wonder we were so excited to get on the grid with real power!!

It is a very interesting process, this keeping the mind under control.  I know that it is a process and that it does take time and discipline.  I remember, other times when I have tried to have a week of no negative thoughts, I didn’t last for as long as this.  I thought that I had managed one day very well, but when I did a review of the day, I realized that I had stuffed it up with judgement, held for more than 7 seconds.  Tomorrow is another day.

One thing I have noticed is, there are times now when other people make judgements, instead of agreeing with them, where once I would have been of the same opinion, I now think,  “What and interesting point of view”, noticing that there is no judgment in me in quite a lot of cases.  That is progress!!!!  What will week 8 bring, I wonder.