What an experience!!!!!  I sat in my chair, watching in amazement as the battleship unwound, just like watching a movie rewinding.  The crew left, all the fixtures and fittings, the interior disappeared.  The skin peeled away prior to melting and returning to its raw material, returning to the trucks for the return journey to the mine.  I was in the naval architect’s office, along with the head of the navy, sketches lay around the coffee cups.  The floor of Parliament, presenting the case for purchasing another battleship and even earlier in the process.

This is a new experience for me and filled me with joy to have actually lost myself in the process to such extent.  It happened from about the 3rd sit.  One time the the cabinet maker was visited.  Watching the crew becoming younger, teenagers playing sport, little children sailing their boats on the pond in the local park.

The sit each day has allowed this to happen.  My ability to focus has improved dramatically to allow this to happen.  Focus hasn’t been a strong point with me in the past years, recovering from illness.  I knew my brain power had improved but this was an extra bonus.  I am truly delighted.